Welcome to the Eighth Underworld, (The Land of the Dead)

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Welcome to the Eighth Underworld, (The Land of the Dead)

Post by Kenny on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:20 pm

Welcome, I'll be your travel agent and guide around the Eighth Underworld today.

If you are reading this, chances are you’re dead. Actually, I just kidding, you are dead! That’s because this is the Land of the Dead. After all friend, we’re all just as dead as you!

Before we begin out tour, I will lay down some basics, so as to keep you up to date because, as I have learned from personal experience, the Land of the Dead can be a confusing place to the newly deceased.

The Eighth Underworld is all about gaming and we want you to have a good time here. We insist that you take your time to look around the forum and read all the topics about the forum rules and conduct before you start posting. This way you will get familiar with the forum layout and won't fall fowl of breaking any rules. The admins are here to manage the forum, help you around and to enforce the rules.

We would like for you to watch these instructional videos about how we expect you to behave on our forum.

It does work!


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