Like racing games?

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Like racing games?

Post by Jakko on Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:10 pm

Project-Torque is a true racing game, none of the need for speed BS with a thousand body parts, this game is simple, you buy a car to start, you do license test and task for a career and as you progress more challanges await you. but if you get bored you can just hop online and start racing people around the world in lots of great game modes from destruction derby to capture the flag. to just a normal race Smile

As you begin to win races and progress ingame, you unlock more cars and upgrades from custom rollbars to full body weight reduction, however spare your money you'll need it. This game is a must for people who like racing games. If you would like to get this game or get some info.

(If you do get it add me my username is: megamasher and my ingame nickname is: Averagejack)

Heres just a tailer for it,


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