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S4 League

Post by Jakko on Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:30 am

Guys as i was surfing the net as you usually do, I stumbled upon a new free to play MMO Game called S4 League, and I must say it is one of the funest games ive ever played, It combinds wacky characters and weapons, with the ultimate FPS style shooter, abit like Unreal Tournement, It is an amime style layout aswell just to add some extra coolness Smile

The game is not very damanding, And there are little aspects of the game that I find very enjoyable, such as the is "Free to play" however You can use your own money to buy extreme ultimate weapons to give you the edge, but if you dont have the money I.E me you can do a liecense test of the weapon where you just have to pass a few simple stages of a shooting range and you will be rewarded with the weapon for 5 hours, gameplay time, so dont worrie about only having it for a day,

The game very popular and is growing a quite a lot, so finding a decent server isnt a problem, This game is perfect for someone who just wants to have some fun for a couple of hours, there are no "pro's" in this game it is a team based game abit like TF2.

This is just abit of gameplay, see what you think

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