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The Clan Server Part 4 - Donations Empty The Clan Server Part 4 - Donations

Post by Kenny on Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:49 am

Due to problems, I afraid I going to have to ask for donations from you guys for the TF2 Clan Server.

I'm sorry but someone came forward to say they would pay for the thing in full, but that idea has now has fallen through for various reasons, to much disappointment to all the admin staff.

So we have today set up a PayPal page for The Eighth Underworld for you to donate too. I'll be truthful with you, we need £446.71 ($758.60 USD, $813.31 CAD or €527.02 EUR). Which will pay for the server for 12 months. If we get enough money by next week, then we might pay for a month used and then save up the money through August to pay for a 12 month server.

Please give what you can, Lewis is working on creating some new detonators hats which you'll be able to where on the server and any money which goes over the amount will go towards next years server and for some other things for the clan. If you can't use PayPal and you would still like to donate, then you can sent a check through the post to me. Contact me on Steam and we'll sort out the details, thank you.

8U PayPal page

It does work!

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