REVIEW Internet Explorer 8 is ready to take on Firefox safari and chrome

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REVIEW Internet Explorer 8 is ready to take on Firefox safari and chrome

Post by stio_naz on Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:02 pm

hi guys this is my first Review, I hope u guys like it. i did get some info from other sites but i have been using IE 8 for a while so most of it is my info. This review is for people who still dont want to upgrade or they think firefox, safari and chrome are better then IE8. i hope u guys like it!

Internet Explorer 8 is ready to take on Firefox safari and chrome. This newest and latest version of Microsoft's browser’s better for basic browsing. It has better tab handling, a much better search bar, a better address bar plus it has Cool "porn mode," anti-malware protection, and it protects your privacy more then any other browser will. The biggest change in IE is its tab handling; all related tabs are automatically grouped and color-coded. If you open a new tab from a page that is already part of a group, it will open at the far right of the group, rather than just to the right of the originating tab. It will also be color-coded. Also now you can reopen tabs. To reopen the last tab you've closed, just press Ctrl-Shift-T. To see a list of recently closed tabs and choose which to open.,

1. anti-malware protection and it protects your privacy.
2. InPrivate Browsing (porn mode) (Mac)
3. "Accelerator" which lets you grab content from a Web page and then you can perform certain tasks, such as sending e-mail with Web-based service, or do a search.

Each tab is different from the others, so if one tab crashes, the entire browser doesn't go down. You can then restore the crashed tab, and when you do, it reloads with the information that had been in it when it crashed, such as a partially written e-mail. To reopen the last tab you've closed, you press Ctrl-Shift-T. And if you were watching a video, the video will start playing at the point the tab crashed, not at the beginning of the video. The address bar now operates as an all-in-one search tool that searches the Web as well as previously visited Web sites, Favorites and RSS feeds IE's Accelerators promise to cut steps out of the browsing process, speeding everyday tasks by taking steps in improving connections. For example, rather than needing to cut and paste an address into a Google maps, the user clicks a blue Accelerator icon that offers a map displayed directly on the page.
The new Internet Explorer also comes with a number of enhanced navigation features, starting with “Compatibility View”. If a Web site isn't already supporting IE 8, a toolbar button will display the site in Internet Explorer 7 mode Very Happy The new zoom function can help older people see there website much better then with Firefox making it easier to magnify pages with small words. The In Private Browsing does not keep browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, usernames, and passwords. This means the browser forgets where you have been, erasing browser and search histories. (Macgta)
Presentation 8/10

Speed 9/10

Reliability 10/10

Bing Rolling Eyes 9/10

Video quality 9/10

Lasting appeal 8.5/10

OVERALL: 8.9/10 What a Face I love you Smile


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