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Post by Kenny on Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:54 pm

As there has been any major concerns about the draft version of the server rules, I now feel it's time to properly post them. In the final version I've included a definition about team stacking, cos I few people were having problem interpreting this form of cheating.

8U Server Rules

1) Admin Tags - All clan server admins must wear one of the following clan tags at all times when on the clan server, (unless instructed not to do so by one of the senior admin). There are two level of admin and each type can be identified by their clan tag:

Senior Admin: [8U]¹
Junior Admin: [8U]²

Adding any of these tags to your username, if you are NOT an admin to the server is not allowed. No excuses. Full list of all the server admin forum right here.

2) Obey the admins at all times - If you disobey an admin request, or are otherwise belligerent to them, expect to be kicked and/or banned. If you feel an admin or admins are abusing his/her/their powers, or wish to appeal against a band then email evidence to me at 8underworld@gmail.com or post it onto are forum under the admin section.

3) Don’t cheat - Using or promoting ANY cheats/ plug-ins / hooks /altered graphic card drivers to give you an advantage over any normal game install is not allowed and will result in a lengthy ban.

4) Keep the teams fair - Don’t team stack with other admin, clanmates or friends. Stacking involves altering game settings or team lineups to give one teams an unfair advantage over the other e.g. arranging a team composed of skilled or known players against a team with members of lesser skill. This is a public server, and we admins strive to make it fair, fun and enjoyable for all who join and play with us. We take a very hard-line and dim view on team stacking.

If you are a good player and your team is owning the other team after a few rounds, then be a sport and switch teams. If you are asked to switch by an admin, expect to be kicked if you refuse. If you break this rule constantly, expect to be permanently banned.

5) No offensive behaviour - Use your best judgement at all times. Don’t speak to anyone in an abusive manner, or with offensive language, in your username, team speak or messages.

The use of constant offensive language, (after a warning from the admin/s), will result in a fine of £5 donated to the clan server. Not paying the fine within 14 days will result in a ban from the server.

It's a simple rule, so don’t do it.

6) Be respectful to everyone - Please respect and be thoughtful to everyone on the server, even if someone is being an @ss, then the admin will deal with them. Please exercise restraint and do not engage in flame wars with them. (You are allowed, however, to make rude facial expressions and socially unacceptable hand gestures as you blow them up with a load of sticky bombs).

The rule of thumb is you should try and remain as polite as possible at all times on the servers and if you are in the 8U clan and are wearing the clan tag, then you are representing the clan and your bad behaviour will reflect badly onto us all.

7) Complete the objectives - Help your team. If you're not defending your last control point, or not attacking the enemy's, then you're not helping the team. Your team also probably doesn't need five snipers, (unless the admin call for it!). Nor probably 5 engineers building sentries at your spawn if it's your team's turn to attack. Griefing is not allowed.

8 ) No offensive sprays - Pornographic, racist or discrimination sprays are not allowed on our server, using such a spray after a warning will result in being kicked & banned.

9) Spamming - Do not spam ANY chat channels with repetitive text, music, or excessive and irrelevant communication (voice, team chat, global chat, Rickrolling etc.). Do not use your microphone to share your most strange musical tastes with other players. If you are excessively annoying and you have people complaining, you will be neutered and muted. That’s right neutered my friend!

10) Let the admins play - If we’re online and playing, it’s because we want to play the game, not babysit. If you have any issues then please go to the forum first, before coming to us because there will be a section/topic there somewhere which will deal with your concerns, problems or ideas.

If someone is actively cheating or breaking the server rules, and there's no other admin around deal with the matter, then it’s appropriate to bring it to our attention at once. Otherwise, please let us play.

If you are caught wasting an admin’s time intentionally, or continually calling an admin to investigate players on a server, which prove to be nothing more than a better skilled player, the admin team reserve the right to take action against such a person.

11) Do not abuse Admin – The admins are human, not machines, therefore we are not infallible. Where mistakes are made, we’ll work hard to rectify them, but we will not tolerate any abuse or harassment aimed at any member of the admin team and we will always take action against any player/s that abuses any of them.

Clarifying the use of spawn camping - Spawn camping isn’t really much of a big deal in TF2, it’s not hard to shoot stickies out of the way or build up an uber. On our server it is a legitimate tactic and it’s not that easy to lock down an opponents spawn particular in a large game.

Penalties for Breaking Rules

Any violation of the above will result in a penalty or sanction as preferred by the admin. Most infractions will result in a 24 hour ban. A repetition will escalate the penalty to a one week and then permanent ban. Personal threats and truly egregious violations can be upgraded if approved by a senior admin.
Warning!: It is the prerogative of the admin on call to assign warnings rather than moving straight to penalties.

Everyone gets at least one warning before they get kicked and banned.

It does work!

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