New clan tags!

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New clan tags!

Post by Jakko on Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:58 am

As of today, the clan is going to have a new tag system, Some may change some may stay the same. The tags are as follows

8U Senior Admin = [8U]¹

8U Junior Admin = [8U]²

Normal 8U Member = [8U]

Now the difficult part is the team tags. The team needs to have more important tags because of TF2 leagues and websites we want to get ourselves known and feared by all!

So for the team the are 3 different tags

8U Team Admin/Senior Player = [8U.A]

8U Team Member = [8U.M]

8U Team Trial Member = [8U.T] The trial tag are for people that want to join but aren't quite good enough or need a bit of practice.

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Re: New clan tags!

Post by Kenny on Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:07 am


Recently many people have been confuse about the clan tags for the clan team. I do share their concerns and I believe the current system is too complicated, so we need to change it. I had a chat with Mohammad and Jack last night and they agreed. I did said we would create a poll on the forum to pick a new tag, but this morning I took the "Executive Decision" of not doing that and instead I have decided that the new clan tag for the clan team will be [8U]³. As this followers the current system we have for the senior and junior admin tags, ([8U]¹ & 8U]²).

Sorry Jack and Mohammad, but I not wasting too much time on this, as I need to finish off the default MOTD for the server and we need to make this as easy as possible for everyone, plus I think this is a no-brainer.

Whatever your most senior rank is, is the rank which you wear in your tag. To get the little numbers next to the [8U] tag, you need to hold the [Alt] Key and press the cosponsoring numbers on the Num Pad of your keyboard, or just copy and paste it!

8U Tags

8U Senior Admin = [8U]¹ (ALT+0185)

8U Junior Admin = [8U]² (ALT+253)

8U Clan Team Member [8U]³ (ALT+0179)

8U Member = [8U]

It does work!


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