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Post by Kenny on Sun May 03, 2009 2:58 am

Portal: Prelude

Out of all the maps mods made for Portal, Prelude is one of the best. As it doesn't lack plot or humour and is not brief like the rest. This mod takes place just before GLadOS existed and you're another test subject for Aperture Science. You are not guided this time by an AI machine, but by scientists who overlook and observe you, from outside the test chambers. They're bored, bitter, annoyed by one another and are awaiting the invention that will relieve them of their mundane task.

They maybe human, but they are no more humane in their treatment of you than GLadOS and they are very easy going about your death. And boy will that death come quickly. Prelude is aimed at hardcore Portal players, who have completed the game more than a few times. The mod, fouc more on pinpoint precision rather than mental acuity. You'll out work to do in a few seconds, but will take many minutes trying to get it done.

Prelude create some new ideas, such as areas of zero-gravity and giant electrocution chamber. If you complete all 19 chambers, you are treated to a extended section set in the rest of the lab, where the scientists are busy preparing for the launch of GLadOS. As you know, things don't go well for GLadOS or the scientists.

Download the 812Mb mod from here and make sure you get the latests version of the patch, which at the moment is Version 1.1.5. Installation instructions can be found on the site here. Just download the mod, open up Steam and make sure Portal is installed, run the executable and restart Steam.

It does work!


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