Review: Call of duty: modern warfare 2

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Review: Call of duty: modern warfare 2

Post by electric20v on Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:15 am

Now that i've had time to play the multi player i decided to improve my review. Modern warfare 2 is one of the biggest game releases of the year, it has multi and single in two parts/games. Multi player loads in half a second and single takes a tiny bit longer. It takes way too long to find a good server and the single player doesn't have a difficulty curve.

The game play for single player is slow, it has you shooting in a few car against the russians and going behind the front line to get information that leads to a main charactor's death. The animations from another C.O.D game (according to Lewis) but this is my first C.O.D game. There are loads of weapons that most are quite hidden/uncommon. It's only 12 hours long max and can get quite dramatic then getting annoyed at diying at the same place, if your looking for a long game go to multi. Once again you play as several charactors that look at the plot in different perspective. There is a mirror's edge moment that has you dashing around like she does with the same animation, you do the roof sliding and heli jumping that is in Mirror's edge but this doesn't last as long and has AI that can actully shoot.

Multi player is like TF2 for me, you win some you lose some, you get annoyed so you quit but you end up going back on it 5 minutes later. The game modes are unlockables along with scopes, grande launchers, silencers, dual weapons, Gun types and perks. There are hard core modes that are unlocked at around lvl 19 that can be a good 5-10 hours to reach. There is capture the flag lvl 16 team death match headquaters around 16 and much more.

In single player there are also spec ops that can allow you to play with a friend but don't have you on actual single player missions, there is a night with infinity ward museum that has the statues running after you for you to die when the sunner comes when you hit a red button. When you die a comment comes up with war lines or tips to tell you you've died from a granade, the AI can be a bit slow and change tactics every time you play it and most of the time leave you to push ahead. Some stealth and chase missions that are fun and almost realistic.

Overall I like this game but can't really tell if it was worth the £40 and the only thing you can do after single player is complete is to spend hours looking for briefcases or multi, your chooce but if i'm honest it is good.

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