Review: Mass effect 2

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Review: Mass effect 2

Post by electric20v on Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:33 pm

A bit late but i've been buzy on mw2, Mass effect 2 follows on from Mass effect 1. Reapers are attacking the universe and the allience think their a myth. At the start of the game your forced to watch the into sequence of the team looking for geth activity ( Geth are robots that broke free from organic control and now worship the reapers.) when your shit is attacked by an unknown enermy, after a few explosions you get to customise your player. You can import you Mass effect shepard into mass effect 2 and your paragon will get a boost with some of the resorces, you can change any thing you want on your old Shepard and if your like Lewis (Macgta) you'll just want to make him look like he's had his head smashed into a wall while having a stoke.

From the moment you wake you find out that the research lab is under attack and you need to escape onto the escape shuttles, you go around the complex to find a few friends who help you get to the space shuttles and are surised to see Maranda (the illusive man's PA) shooting one of your team members who was trying to kill you. You also find out that your working for cerberus who are a terrorist group and racist against alien life forms. Head of cerberus is the illusive man who tells you to search for something that is abucting humans, you get sent to freedoms progress and you meet an old friend. You have to take at a mech and end of mission one.

You spend the rest of your time completing main missions instead of the old running around for any tom dick or harry and you have to collect several characters throught out the game, there are a few civilian missions but it's well balenced and you don't have to spend 5 hours on empty plannets, instead you have to send probs to gather resorces to upgrade your weapons and yes you no longer get a million new weapon modles like in the first game. You still have the paragon (good) and renagon (bad) that will effect the ending but you have to be fully good or fully bad and ruins the ideas behind the game. The ending is short and dull that isn't what you exspect as the final mission to hell and beyond past the mysterious omga 4 relay.

The combat is better then in the first game, in mass effect 1 you spend half the combat behind a wall but you can now head out into the open and allow your class' abilities shine through and the powers are stonger, there is no over heat in the gns and you have clips/magazines in your gun to reload.

Overall it is a good game for the FIRST time you play it, the game doesn't have much replay factor and after one play through it got really old, if your looking for a game about 30 hours long this is perfect but don't be dissapointed that you don't want to play it agin.

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Re: Review: Mass effect 2

Post by Kenny on Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:57 am

Thanks James for that. Put a few screenshots into the review and we'll get transfer it to the website, when we build it.

It does work!


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