Purposed Server Admin Rules

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Purposed Server Admin Rules

Post by Kenny on Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:31 am

I've had a few people asked me about what the admin can and cannot do on the server, which the server rules don't cover. So to avoid any grey areas I've created some new admin rules.

I think I've covered everything, but if you feel I've missed something then please post it below and I'll take a look.

Server Admin Rules
1) Admin must follow each rule lay down for the server. Any admin regardless of rank are not exempt from any of the Server or Admin rules whatsoever.

2) All admin must work together in upholding the server rules.

3) Whoever is the highest ranked admin on the server is the admin who is in charge and responsible for what goes on the server.

4) The highest ranked admin is the only one who is allowed to kick or discipline any people breaking the Server Rules. The highest ranked admin can ask another admin to do this job for them.

5) Never ignore any admin or players if they ask you a question, always answer them polity and to the best of your knowledge.

6) If the admin wishes to change the current map, they must used either the ‘Rock the Vote’ or Map Vote options or get agreement from every player on the server if the numbers are less then four people.

7) No admin is allowed to change the map for their own personal reasons or by their free will unless he/she are the only person on the server.

8 ) Admin are never allowed to put the server onto any arena or custom map, unless authorised by either of the two co-founders. Enough warnings have been given about Arena maps and the problems it causes the server. Punishment for doing this without getting permission before hand is a revoking of admin rights for 2 weeks.

9) Admin are not allowed to abuse the admin options for the server, e.g. excessive slapping, or change any of the server settings e.g. turning off gravity, unless agree upon from either of the co-founders.

10) If someone is breaking the server rules, two verbal warnings are given before any kicking can take place.

11) No admin shall kick/ban any other admin from the server, even if they are just ‘joking’ around.

12) Any persistent problems between admin or if any admin are abusing admin powers, it must be reported to the Chief of Staff at once, who will deal with the matter and give out any punishment if required. If the problem can not be resolved or is to do with the Chief of Staff, then it gets reported to either of the Co-founders who will deal with the matter.

13) The karaoke mod must not be abused. The highest ranked admin on the server is the only one who can initiate the mod and only to be used as followed:

Standard CP (e.g. Badlands), CTF & KOTH Maps – Only one song to be played either on the first, second and third rounds, never the fourth and final round of the map and never more than one songs over the four rounds.

Attack & Defend CP (Dustbowl), PLR & PL Maps – One song per round, (not stage) and never ever on the final stage of the final round of the map. Never more than three songs to be played over the four rounds.

Territorial Control & Arena Maps – N/A

It does work!


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