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Post by Jakko on Tue May 04, 2010 10:49 pm

Setting up SourceTV: To setup a basic SourceTV connection which will allow you to record demos is very simple. All of these commands need to be typed in your game console, You need RCON to enable Source TV. Once you've put in the RCON, You can then Enable STV and record demo's

1) Type rcon tv_enable 1

2) Change the map (rcon changelevel de_whatever)

3) You will now see SrcTV has connected to your server. Well done Smile

Recording is just as simple. Once you have setup your SourceTV as above its easy.

1) Type tv_record demoname

2) Your demo is now recording.

3) Type tv_stoprecord to stop your demo when finished.

And there you go! Here are some other SourceTV commands you may find useful. These can be placed in your servers server.cfg file to be run everytime your server changes map or reboots:

tv_port 27021 - Sets the port for your SourceTV IP to 27021.

tv_maxclients 128 - Sets the maximum limit of spectators. Set this to 0 if you do not want spectators.

tv_clients - Lists all spectators connected to your SourceTV server.

tv_delay 60 - Sets the delay in seconds your spectators will be viewing the game behind the actual action.

tv_name Your SourceTV Name - Sets the name of your SourceTV.

Connecting to STV is just as easy, Say 8U have a match and you want to watch just open up consoll in TF2 and type in this "connect <server IP>:27020 You dont use the normal server port, You have to sue the source TV port.

For example if you ever want to connect to the 8U's match server you wuold type this

connect - If you get an error message its ither because STV isnt on at that moment or because the server is being updated.

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