8U Team project

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8U Team project

Post by Jakko on Tue May 04, 2010 10:58 pm

The 8U team project is finally running, Me, Freakshow, Stio and Napalm are going to be running the project, We hope to enter season 8 of ETF2L (Europiean TF2 League) With a good and stable lineup, With the community backing us up Very Happy

Jakko - Demo
Websly - Medic
Napalm - Soldier
Xk/Techyworm - Soldier
Freakshow - Scout
andyscareCROw - Scout

And for backups we'd like to have all the 8U community players as the team is mainly just for fun Very Happy

We'll be having regular PCW's aka "scrims" with other new teams and if will do well we may even get premoted to a higher divsion for season 8.

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