Mumble server transfer

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Mumble server transfer

Post by Guest on Wed May 26, 2010 10:19 am

Ok, the low-down is this- We're downgrading vent to 10 slots to save money, and have a mumble server. Mumble is generally better than vent, and in many ways less complex, but gives much greater sound quality, plus some nice addons like overlays and notifications of when you've decided to mute yourself (no more sitting for half hour wondering why nobody can hear you because you muted yourself and forgot to unmute!)

How to install mumble- is your one stop source for mumble. Most of you will want ver.1.2.2 for windows, but odd people like Stio are going to want the OSX ver.1.2.2. Install is pretty simple, click the link, download, install, follow the audio wizard guide. Does what it says on the tin. If you're still having problems or need a comprehensive guide to downloading and installing a .exe file or configuring mumble, either put a knife to your cables for the former, or ask me or Jack what to do for the latter. I'm too tired right now to upload a complete guide on 'how not to mess it up', so it will come tomorrow.

How to connect to mumble-

There's a globe in the top left of the window. Click that to open up the server window, then click add new. You have to do this for every mumble server you want to add, and fill in the boxes.

port- 11062

Hit ok, hit enter and you are on. Moving from channel to channel is simple, just drag yourself into your channel of choice.

Please note that the PCW channel is only for use in matches, and should be kept clear and/or vacated when needed.

Also, I'm tired and lazy as f#ck, and this is incomplete. I'll finish this off when I decide to haul my arse out of bed. Off to pass out, pce.


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