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Review: Split/Second

Post by electric20v on Sun May 30, 2010 4:10 am

Split Second is a arcade action racing game made by Black Rock who have designed the game based on the world, this means instead of having a gun on your car or not having a weapon at all you get to use the enviroment/world to blow your other contestants. The game is based on a TV series called "Split Second" you are a contestant in the show who wants to win the series.

The objective is to finnish first but there are no rules so you can blow up anyone or anything to destroy your contestants or to shorten your path. By drifting, slip streaming and closly avoiding explosions you gain power, once you have filled a bar you can use it to set off an explosion called a power play.
A level one power play is a weak explosion but has enough power to take out several players if timed correctly, some are big others are small or you can change the track to allow a faster path that closes soon after that can either help or destory you oppenents. Once you have three power bars filled you can use a level two power play that are alway bigger and can take out more enermies or you can use it to change the track, these are the most over the top explosions that can take out every other contestant and allows you to have new power plays and short cuts. but remember that your not the only person who can use these, your AI contestants can also use them so watch out.

In air revenge you have to earn power by avoiding missiles the chopper shoots or by drifting, once you have on bar filled you can return a missile back at it, lvl 1 rockets get rid of one bar of the choppers health and lvl 2 rockets take out 4 bars of the choppers health, person who destorys it in the fastest time wins. You have ultimate lives but crashing will cause you to lose valuble time and it will lose you power.

In Air Strike you have three lives to avoid as many missiles shot from a chopper as you can, the more you avoid the more points you get and a perfect run will increase you multiplier and give you even more poins, the person with the most points wins. If you crash the multiplier will reset back to 1 again.

Detonator is a time trail game mode where you have to get around a track once as fast as you can but almost every power play blows up automaticly, there is no power bar so you can't use short cuts. Not only that but you have to use a selected car and it's not down to you.

Elimination is where you have to stay as far away from last as possable, you have 30 seconds to get 7th or better or your out, once 8th place has been eliminated you then have around 20-15 seconds to get the next place up, the game ends when only one is left standing, you gain power so you can detonate short cuts and power plays but so can everyone around you.

Race is the clasic race mode where you race around a curcuit 2-3 times, the person who finnishes first wins, you have power play short cuts and rought changers that can all be used.

In survival mode has you driving round a close circuit track avoiding explosive barrels, blue will send you drifting and slow you down, the red will destory your car. You gain pointes by driving passed a truck, points will multiply, every 3 trucks will increase the multiplier, your points can double, tripple or quadruple etc.

In single player you have to make your way from episode to episode with around 5 events in each episode with a bonus and a qualifier to get you to the next episode. There are 12 episodes to keep you busy with unlockable cars and decals for your car they relate to acheivments that you have gotten in races but you only unlock the decal for that car that are shown in multiplayer. There is multiplayer and quick game modes that allow you to play with seven other players/AI in the game modes that are in single player. As time goes by in single the maps change and develope so more power plays are available along with shortcuts.

Overall this game is really fun and with there being 12 episodes it nice and long but you can't remove decals that are on your car and there is no replay only instant replays that are very short so don't exspect too much other then explosions, hopfully when splt/second 2 comes out there will be more feature along with cars and hopfully remove some of the bugs like the 'close call' bug that says it was a 'close call' when you were miles away from it. So if you like explosions then this is a must buy!

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Re: Review: Split/Second

Post by Kenny on Sun May 30, 2010 11:10 am

Can we have a few more pics showing not just the back of a car and a conclusion?

Love the video though.

It does work!


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