REVIEW: Fallout 3

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REVIEW: Fallout 3

Post by NintendoNinja on Fri May 08, 2009 6:58 am

Hi Guys. Just Decided to put up this Un-Announced Review of Fallout 3! Hope you enjoy! I am beginning to discover that I have a strange fascination with Post-nuclear disaster games with my last two game reviews talking about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. So mares well do another one after all 3 is the lucky number!I've played through the game fully twice now with a good character and a bad character. So i hope my experience. So sit back relax and prepare reach critical mass before your brain melts down with a reactor full of insane game play!

Fallout 3 is a sequel in the popular line of Fallout games set in a Post-Nuclear War Apocalypse. First off you are born in Vault 101 (A Nuclear Fallout Shelter supplied by Vault-Tec) to your Parents James & Catherine, your Mother Dies after your birth and so your vault life begins... and after 19 years of pleasant yet unbelievably boring vault life you wake up to your best friend telling you your dad has left the vault. So the story un-folds and you set out to find your dad. There you discover that people are inhabiting the wasteland that remains. Throughout you can do quests, join factions, make allies, trade, hunt, murder and become a cannibal.

Graphics & Sound
Fallout 3 uses the same graphics engine that Bethesda used when making Oblivion with some improvements. The game looks crisp and makes good use of the main colour GREY almost over using it I would say. But then what could I expected it is Post-Nuclear Disaster after all. It does look beautiful and even on my PC which i think its fair to say has crashed while playing this game! And yes it does look far superior on PC unlike its brothers on the PhailStation3 & BreakBox360 where it looks average but still impressive. There are no outstanding features that come to mind here except the VATS system when while using makes everything go into slow motion so you can see all the blood,guts and gore when killing vile mutants and raiders Delightful! Smile. Oh and before you ask about the FATMAN & THE POWER OF THE ATOM the nuclear weapons will not slow down your FPS ,in-fact if you notice any lag at all i would be surprised. Anyway on to sound ... The game contains both an original soundtrack and a licensed soundtrack from music that has passed into the public domain. The AI radio stations in the game contain 30's and 50's Classics and Army Moral music thoroughly enjoyable especially when in the middle of fire fight with snare drums rolling. The guns and sound effects are spot on and there is no reason to complain.

Fallout 3 when it comes to gameplay is a little unsure whether it wants to be an FPS or a RPG as it gives you the option to play in First Person or Third Person. I personally recommend you play it in 1st person as the 3rd person is pointless except if you plan on making machinima. The mechanics have been changed slightly since Oblivion instead of being able to improve certain skills you improve them all at once and the levelling up system is much easier to understand this time. At the end of each level you are granted skill points to improve your skills allowing you to do more things in the game. You are also granted a perk which may allow you to increase skill points, unlock novelties, give you unique dialogue options and grant you environmental bonuses. As far as the action is concerned VATS is the system that automatically locks you on to a enemy and lets you aim at certain parts of their body. This is useful if they are in a difficult place to get a head shot from. But if you want the authentic gameplay don't use it it makes the game much more enjoyable. The last thing to explain really is missions apart from the main quests there are side quests that grant you experience for the next level and item sometimes even perks in the (THOSE! quest). I like the quests in this better than the ones in oblivion there are less of them but the sheer detail in the back-story makes each one worth playing.

Little Nags
Yes it time for the section that you all skip to just to burn me afterwards for the heck of it. (You know who you are!) Of course you all know what im going to complain about... Yes the length of the Main Quest which was an abysmal to the product! The ending was rubbish but i won't spoil it seeing as you guys but there isn't much to spoil really! Also that you are not available to level past level 20 except if you cheat and use console commands. Bethesda are going to allow this up 10 levels with the next DLC pack Broken Steel though but Oblivion was great cause you could level all you want!

In the end what I comes down to is what kind of experience you want if you like me have little patience and time and like FPS and not MMO's and RPG's i recommend you get this as its not to long and not much of a grindfest like in games like WOW and WAR. What you get really is a shooter with some RPG factored in much like S.T.A.L.K.E.R . I will score it a 96/100 or 9.6/10 a great experience with some limiting factors. As for the current DLC i wouldn't recommend you get it unless you are desperate for more gameplay. But when Broken Steel comes out you will want it just for the extra 10 levels. Anyway go buy it nooooooooooow!

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