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Post by Jakko on Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:18 am

After some rosters changes and a long wait, 8U are currently playing in the ETF2L ALL F#CKING SUMMER league, We are one of the most promising teams in the league, And are actually working on getting in division 4 (EVEN 3) For season 8 which starts in September. For the time being were rolling the summer season and making a team frag video Very Happy News will be released soon and we hope you'll enjoy it.

Roster! (Hopefully the last)

Fantomen (Demoman) - Fanto has been a friend of mine and has been since my old team "NOM" was founded. After NOM folded he decided to help me with 8U's team and now is our full time demo and helps managing the team’s matches and events.

Norrlaaanningen (Scout) - Norrl also joined straight after fanto, He is one of our best players and has a tendency to carry Very Happy, He also helps get matches together and when im away has control of the server.

andyscareCROw (Scout) - Andy has been with 8U ever since the early days, Hes gone from being an ordinary pubber to the best deathmatcher i no. You dont want to be against him. EVER, Along with Norl, You cant get a better scout pair.

Xk (Solly) - Xk has also been with 8U for some time, even before the team, Hes a scrub, but a good scrub Very Happy Great to have someone in our team with past experience!

Cycl4mate (Solly) -Cycla is one of 8U's best friends Very Happy Hes not actually in the team atm, But hopefully after the summer season he will be. He’s filling in for me as im also a scrub and cant make every match.

Kubex (Medic) - It took me ages to find Kubex, after so many failed medic trials i didn’t think we could find one, Then one day, i ran into him and, hes stayed ever since. Also a great L4D player.

Jakko (All-rounder/Soldier) - Do i need an intro? I founded the team, all you need to no.


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