8U Won the first ETF2L season #Take 2

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8U Won the first ETF2L season #Take 2

Post by Kenny on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:01 am

8U have won their first ever ETF2L season (European Team Fortress 2 League). We were placed in division 6, which was not what we wanted, but at least we got into it! We were aiming for division 5, but since there were so many applicants, we had to make do with what we had. Of course, we won the division.

The team.

Jakko (Soldier)
Norrlääänningen (Scout)
andyscareCROw (Scout)
Fantomen (Demoman)
Cycl4mate (Soldier)
XorZ (Medic)
Xk (Soldier)

Well done guys!

Also after winning our division we got talking to a guy from Team Vertex. This is one of the most competitive gaming community's going, and it looks like they are intested in having us become one of their teams. We will still and always will remain 8U community team, but its nice to see we are getting noticed and might be getting them to back us up. So you may see us go under the name (Team Vertex: 8U Edition) soon. Very Happy

It does work!


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