8U Minecraft Server Almost Open To You!

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8U Minecraft Server Almost Open To You!

Post by electric20v on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:24 am

Our Server

Our server is a survival and when we first got it we had it open to the public, this worked fine but it was starting to get slightly boring as most of our houses we're built and we we're jut waiting for somthing interesting to happen. Eventually some crazy guy called "Kenny, You B@stard" said it would be a great idea to build a castle as he found the blue prints for it on a website. He then used somthing to make the plans, we put the server on a whitelist and we got to work. If you havn't guessed we failed as Kenny was foolish enough to scale the castle plan to 4 times the original size. Once again we got bored as way too many people we're spamming and the castle wasn't being built. We now have it back on survival but I wanted to make a city, so we did and it's now finnished, YAY! I'm planning to make a video on it before opening up to the everyone and during this time we have made a few changes to prevent people who find it fun to f**k up everything everyone does or burn a forest down.

The sever will be available to you by around saturday or sunday.


* We have removed fire spreading
* When you die, you spawn at your home
* We have disabled lava fire
* No more TNT (It blows up but the dammage is restored)


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