RIFT Open Beta

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RIFT Open Beta

Post by jt830 on Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:25 am

Well if people like lewis didnt tell u like a month before you heard about it...
Rift is upcoming and looks very promising and a strong 'wow toppler'(?)
The Open beta starts tomorrow (Teusday 15th Febuary), the majority of people i have told about it have had invitations already, so it seems likely u can get into it if you act quickly enough.
Ofc ive already pre-purchased it cause i want a new mmo to play besides warcraft :3
Still if u manage to get on leave a post, id would be great to get some people from 8U in the same servers, the wow 8U guild unfortunatly died due to officers quitting the game Razz
Play about a bit and leave ur comments and thoughts below.

(P.S) Dont mock my english skills i never was good at peursuesive/descriptive language Very Happy

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