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Post by Kenny on Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:44 pm

God, it’s rather dusty around here! We must use this forum more often.

Anyway, we got some exciting news. We are in the early stages of setting up a new TF2 scrim team. We’ll get a proper announcement out sometime this week. If you are interested in completive play and would like to take part in ETF2L, than please sign up when we give out the announcement.

Based on the number of people who initial sign up, we may do trail outs. Once we have picked team, which could take a few weeks, Jamie (Chief of Staff) and I will interview team members who wish to lead the team. We already have a Steam group for the scrim team and once we sorted a few things, we’ll probably get a new match server as well.

SERVER’S MOTD (Message of the Day image)
On our Left 4 Dead 2 server (IP Address:, we have formed a partnership with the Australian company OIM (Online Interactive Marketing), who specialize in advertising through MOTD screens for known, relevant and respected brands. They currently supply the scheme for Source engine games like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat.

They provide a great service for gaming communities to generate some extra cash to put back into the community for game servers etc. Hells Gamers, Lotus Clan and Gamers United (who are a huge Australian gaming community), are some of the communities that have already joined the scheme.

Once we’ve given the scheme a trail, we probably extend it to our Team Fortress 2 server and probably the new TF2 match server as well, if/when we get it. The ads are not intrusive and will not affect your gaming. The screen shot below illustrates what you’ll typically see. So please use our server if you want to help, so we can do more for you and the community.


I have made a new banner image for the Left 4 Dead 2 server as well. If you have any comments on the new design, please keep them to yourself! Razz Also if you now click on “Join this server’s Steam group”, while on the MOTD screen, it will take to our main Steam group. This is great if you want to check something out or need to find our contact details.

8U SPRING NEWS Left4dead2_banner

I’ve also updated the Team Fortress 2 MOTD image – some of the server’s IPs and names needed updating. I’ve included a RQ code for smartphones, which will take to our website. Going to trail it and see how it works out.

8U SPRING NEWS 8Ublackboardnewversion

Congratulations to Alyssa and Mohammad (SmileyAlyssa and Stio Naz) who have now been promoted to the new senior admin position of Event Managers; they are going to be responsible for scheduling events and to help populate our servers. If you have any ideas for events, maps or mods, please contact them or leave a post on the forum.

On behalf of myself and rest of the admin staff, I would like to welcome our newest junior admin members - Shadow-Weaver, Kit and Cur1y. Each admin contributes directly to 8U’s growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team. I’m sure you will become an asset to us and hope that your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

It does work!


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