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What makes a good map

Post by electric20v on Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:00 am

Any one who is a fan of football knows how to get their team to victory, For me and Chris we know how to make the perfect map, although this is really based on opinion but we can use logic to work ot what works best. For a map to work with the Sniper class you will need the following;

  • Wide open areas, so that the sniper can pull back in so he can get a shot without being spotted.
  • High spots on both sides, this is important if you want the map to be equal so both teams can counter snipe.
  • Bulding can be used so that a sniper can hide behind to charge up their rifle or to escape from enermy fire.

This is where sniper work best, it will take the presure for a sniper to do well and will cause the other team to change class to they can counter him, making the teams more ballenced. The spy is a hard class to provide for in a map, this is because the spy needs to stay hidden and have to find areas to hide in. The following should make your map fair to the spy class;

  • Hiden/Useless areas, this is because the spy need to run away to reheal or hide for a tacticle flank.
  • Ammo, seems odd to have random ammo but it allows the spy to pick up the ammo for a longer cloak, for the standard invisable watch and the dead ringer.
  • Open spaces, obviously a spy can't walk through enermies so the last thing he wants is to have no room to move.

The spy seems useless in most maps as they don't provide for him correctly but the spy can be the most important class for flanking and destroying sentryguns. The points above should bring the fun and meaning back to the spy class. The scout is an interesting class, he needs to following so he can profrom the best;

  • Open areas, so he can run around.
  • Roof tops and rocks, so the scout can have to advantage of running around on them.
  • enclosed areas, so that his guns can work an be effective.

The scout is used for quick journeys from objective to objective but he needs to have an impact on an objective or he will be useless. The heavy is an important class, he is the bulk of the team and is perfect for pushing so he needs the following;

  • Short range areas, the heavy's gun isn't accurate so he needs his enermies quite close to him to be effective.
  • Quiet areas, so he can eat his sandvitch.
  • Open areas, so he can kill an enermy before they can run away.

The heavy can be the difference between victory and defeat. He has alot of health and is normally followed by a medic but is a hard class to beat. The demoman can change between atack and defending exstreamly quickly so the make his abilities work you need the following;

  • Door ways, so e can sticky them for a surprise attack.
  • Medium areas, so his grande can reach his target before they blow up.
  • high spots so he can shoot down on the enermy.

He is a difficult class to play but could be easy with those addition into your map. The soldier is a poweful class but he can struggle with long rage because the enermy can just take a step to the side. The following points are to make his powers more useful in the field of batle;

  • Medium areas, so he can hit a target before they can move.
  • High up areas so he can increase his splash dammage.
  • Open areas, so he can rocket jump.

The soldier has many advantages over other classes but many maps don't have the areas that improve his battle skills. The pyro, medic and engi can do well in almost every area and if you have the points above they should do fine. There are a few other points that will make the map more tacticle;

  • Alternative routs, side paths from one spawn to the other is important.
  • Different levels, hight is important in a map to allow eascape routs and helps hiding.
  • Ramps, very useful so a player can fire and get higher or lower.
  • Multiple exits to spawn, to stop spawn camping.

Take all the point above and put them into a map, i'm sure we would be very happy to test it out. No matter what the game mode you'll need to think about the map logicly. Don't be too harsh on me, it took forever to type this.

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