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Post by Kenny on Tue May 12, 2009 10:11 pm

Call of Duty: The Album is going to be release soon. Buyers can look forward to some classic CoD songs, such as:

Spawned In The USA Bruce Springfield Rifle

Janie’s Got A (Crap) Gun Aerosif

Sweet Child Of… MINE!! Guns ‘N’ Posers

Flak In The USSR Silly Joel

Don’t Worry, Be Campy Bobby McFeral

Mowing Me, Mowing You Abbanned

Ship Of Foos Nade Party

Always On My Mine! Elvis Press-key

Every Death You Fake The Polietz

American Die John McLeet

Leet It Michael Hack-son

Modern (Warfare) Way Kaiser Cheaters

Total Eclipse Of The Tard Bonnie Whiner

Grunts Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Camper

(She’s A) Bot Girl Pat Killson

I Spawned The Sheriff Eric Crapped-on

Digital LOL Daft PunkBuster (My favorite!)

Wanksters Paradise Toolio

Let’s Get It Planted Black Eyed Nazis

Army Creamers Kate-in-Bush

We Will Frag You Queen

HedgeSpammer Leeter Gabriel

Santa Claus Is Gunning Us Down Ella Fitz-General

Tsk! Leetwood Hack

Rock-et Propelled Grenade the Casbah The Slash

Grove Is In The Art (illery) [D-Lite Em

(I Want To) Tank You Ditto

Foo On The Hill The Leetles

I'm sure you guys can come up with more and better ones.
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