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Company of Heroes News

Post by Kenny on Sun May 24, 2009 9:16 pm

Developer Relic has begun discussing the next Company of Heroes patch, noting its intentions to "fix some key bugs" and provide those that own the Tales of Valor expansion with a new map for the Panzerkrieg multiplayer mode.

While the company has issue a list of the "main points" that will be addressed, along with a promise that "there are further bug fixes and changes in the patch, such as a reduction to the effectiveness of the T17."

Those planned changes include:

# Heavy Machine Guns. We will be introducing a fix to the current delay for an HMG switching windows when in a building and return proper operation for British emplacements and other units that were affected by patch 2.502.

# Fix the Pak 38 camouflage stacking bonus modifier that increases the gun's damage beyond the intended effect.

# Commonly known as the 'burst fire bug', we will address an issue that allowed some units to ignore their weapon cooldowns.

# We are introducing a new map for Panzerkrieg along with a fix for the free defensive infantry bug. Some balance changes will also be incorporated for the Panzerkrieg tanks.

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