Iphone coming to t-mobile

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Iphone coming to t-mobile

Post by stio_naz on Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:43 am

Well, that lasted longer than expected. Just a day after it was discovered that T-Mobile Netherlands had posted the double secret specs of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 3GS, the information, like many a woodland creature foolish enough to cross Kirstie Alley’s path, has vanished.

The site had previously posted that the new iPhone sported 256MB of RAM, twice that of the original iPhone, and a 600MHz processor, which is a shade under 200MHz more than the previous iPhone models. The processor number is particularly significant, given that it puts the iPhone ahead of the second-generation iPod Touch as well as matches the speed of the recently released Palm Pre. And the added RAM will no doubt please many a graphics whore, as well as anyone aching for a snappier iPhone experience.

Now, if you look at the T-Mobile site today, you’ll notice that the aforementioned secret specs are no longer displayed. Fortunately, the spring-footed folks over at Wired’s Gadget Lab were able to grab a screenshot of the posted specs. Of course, I have a picture hanging on my wall of Bigfoot and Nessie playing backgammon, so what does that tell you?

Given that Apple is obviously refusing to discuss the specs at this time, we’ll just have to wait until the new iPhone is released next week to see what it’s packing under its shiny hood.


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