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TF2 Server Maps Stock/Modded Empty TF2 Server Maps Stock/Modded

Post by Kenny on Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:22 am

Listed below are all the maps we play on the server. Of course we'll be adding more maps in the future, but we will notify you all when we do. Most of the modded map are being tested at the moment to see if they are any good, if not we'll get rid of them and delete them from the list.

I'd would highly recommend downloading and installing the modded maps yourself, (will only take 10 - 15 minutes), rather than downloading them through the server as it will take a long time.; you will just be sitting there for ages while your team has already started playing.

You will need to download and install each map into this directory:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\"your username e.g. Kenny"\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Stock Maps


Modded Maps

ctf_2fortclassic (9Mb)
ctf_2fort_revamp (28Mb)
arena_2fort (8Mb)
ctf_cruise_b4b (New version - 20.39 MB)

All these maps are from the same website and page - mrmof

cp_frontline (15Mb)
cp_redfort (5Mb)
arena_wow (3M) Not the CSS version!
cp_boulder (20Mb)
ctf_moonwalk (22Mb)
ctf_npire (16Mb)
ctf_2fortified (9Mb)

Any problems please ask the admin for help, I don’t want you all come running to me if you have any problems. A list of all the admin for each area of the clan, (forum, server, Steam group etc.), can be found on this forum and they now can all be identified by the following tags when on Steam:

Senior Admin: [8U]¹
Junior Admin: [8U]²

It does work!

TF2 Server Maps Stock/Modded 2_7

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