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Review: Just Cause 2

Post by electric20v on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:53 am

I'm not a fan of games that force you to make big journeys from place to place by car or chopper or some times planes because you get there to do nothing, missions are dull because you can't just go in a blow everything up. Your health hits 0 faster then fall when you get shot at and is very annoying. However Just cause 2 has faced the same problems and has thankfully blown past them, the distances from place to place can be a good 30-40 minutes away but with the black market allowing you to transport from pace to place in seconds (real time) but you can only transport to places you've already visited so you have to play the faction missions so they transort you there.

The story: You play as an American super spy who has to blend in with the local rebels to find a 'rouge' agent, to find him you need to cause caos so they trust you, they need you to take over Panau milliary strong holds, each strong hold allows you to respawn/transport to the strong hold. Theres a down side, you have to replay the ame mission 9 TIMES! the formula is always the same, you walk up to the base shoot some guys, jump over a wall then hack the gate so the men can get across you take out monted guns and snipers till you get to a command post where you have to defend a hacker from a wave of enermies then a few tanks and or choppers then the rebels chant you names. For some reason typing a few things into a console it causes the local Panau millatary stad down and the strong hold is yours.

But after a few strong hold missions and some other faction missions you get a chance to meet the American agent, it leads you to go back to the rebels to get to the men behind it all, once again you have to cause caos and take over strong holds, i'm not giving any spoilers away.

Game play: The game isn't realistic as it was designed so it can get a bit crazy, smashing things with a stauts head and fireing missiles from a harrier, the game lpay is awesome, at moments it gets at a point that words can't discribe. Rico can jump quite high and is useful to get over nces and jump over rocks. Base jumping is actully used alot in the game, with snow toped mountains with high drops and cliff faces to traverse you have to find a fast way down. The weapons are over powered with many guns able to keep an enermy in mid air, you get achievments for these 'juggle' kills, the grapple hoock is the most used feature in the game, it allows transport over walls and climbing rock faces but it also allows anything to be snaged to anything so you can snag enermies to cars other enermies or planes. The triggered explosives allows you to step back from the front line and watch milatary property to blow up. There are races from plane, car, boat and base jump there are loads around 100, there are collectables that allow wep upgrades and armor upgrades, objects that belong to the rebels from skulls to drugs.

It's hard to explain a game this good, check out the demo if you have vista or xp and enjoy.

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